Good folks to work with

If you want broader services than metasilk webworks provides, we help build those connections, too. We've had excellent good experiences working with Green Mountain Access as an Internet Service Provider, Hanley Design for graphic design work, and Debra Howard Communications for marketing. We highly recommend The Kilted Carpenter for any building, storage, and office carpentry needs. You are welcome to explore our clients' sites as well.


We rather like salamanders around here. (Well, Kir generally likes all critters.) Amphibians, and salamanders in particular, are realtively small and delicate, yet still survive all sorts of circumstances. They are all about transformation and subtley. Many species are still threatened or endangered. Discover more with The Vermont Reptile & Amphibian Atlas.


In July 2004, Kir worked with the Northern Vermont Chapter of the American Red Cross. They wanted to redesign and effectively maintain their site. Kir donated time to provide initial project planning guidance, CSS technical support, occasional page building, and site testing on various platform and browser combinations.They launched their redesigned and greatly expanded site in September 2004. Great praise is due to Tom Loring, their web site project mamanger, and his crew of volunteers for a terrific job!

Kir has also (at variuos times), been a volunteer for the Lake Champlain Basin Science Center (before in became ECHO) and the Birds of Vermont Museum.

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