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So, you need a new website. Or you need help with an existing site or one of those funky do-it-yourself sorts like Weebly or WebsiteTonight. Or you want to try blogging, or e-newsletters, or e-commerce. Perhaps you have a book that needs a professional layout. Or you have a portfolio that deserves to be online. You need someone you can count on to help you at your pace.

That’s us: From HTML to PHP, javascript to jQuery, ZenCart to Wordpress, Facbook to Pinterest ... Welcome! We can help.

Metasilk Webworks is a small website maintenance, design, and site-building business in Huntington, Vermont. It’s the web-oriented branch of Studio Metasilk. Here we specialize in day-to-day needs for individuals, self-employed businesspeople, and small non-profits who want an active presence on the web, and who need someone with the time, expertise, and desire to create and maintain their sites. We also provide services like troubleshooting and general computer support, custom illustration and photography, and print layout and design work. We do this with you and for you.

Not yet sure about a domain name? We help. Need a site? Can do. Want a e-store? That too. Thinking about an electronic newsletter? Sure. Want someone to do all your updates for your business? No problem. Want a way to update a site yourself without worrying about why and how it works? It’s yours.

With you and for you: we will set up your site, make it look good, help you keep it secure, train you to use it or run stuff for you, and support you as long as you need.

Without you, we’re just goofing around.

How can we help you?

... and how soon can we get to it? Check out our schedule.

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