About site design

First: sites should be usable and visible by all sorts of users on all sorts of devices: personal computers, tables, PDAs, phones, etc. They should work whether the user prefers GUI browsers like Firefox and Opera, software that reads the pages aloud, text-only browsers such as Lynx —anything. That means coding sites up to standard— then adapting as needed to some individual browsers. It does not always mean using the newest technology, but what works.

Second: Sites should be fast to load, even over modems. Yes, we still have those in Vermont. And our cell signal is...quirky.

Third: Make it look nifty, because most visitors do have the spiffy GUI browsers. Simple is good (but getting to simple can be complex). Appropriate visual arrangement of information is essential to user, customer, and visitor comprehension and satisfaction.

Fourth: There's always more to learn.

About working

Playing with web sites is fun. Lots of fun! Talking and teaching is fun. I get to have more fun if I do a good job for my clients, and that means keeping up with what they need and want. From HTML to PHP, javascript to jQuery, Wordpress to QR codes, Social media to mobile apps: there's a lot to learn!

If I can't do it, I'll help you find someone who can. Associations of people who know stuff are fun, too. And when I get a moment, I'll go learn how for next time.

About living

Share joy. Learn more. Love much.

page last updated: 11-July-2012